kftray - kubectl port-forward
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A cross-platform system tray app for Kubernetes users. Manage and synchronize kubectl port-forward configurations with ease.

  • Simple & Efficient Setup multiple port forwarding configurations with a user-friendly interface.
  • Resilient Port Forwarding: Automatic reconnection for continuous service.
  • Multi-Protocol Support: TCP and UDP port forwarding.
  • Config Management: Store and manage configurations via local files or GitHub.
  • One-Click Forwarding: Setup several port forwarding instances simultaneously.
  • GitHub Sync: Share and synchronize configurations with your team.
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Key Features

GitHub Configurations

Easily store and import configurations directly from Git repositories.

Reliable Connections

Ensures continuous service by reconnecting to another running pod automatically.

Built with Rust & Typescript

Lightweight bundle and seamless experience with a low resources footprint.

Easy Installation

Get started immediately with simple installation commands for macOS and Linux or download directly from the GitHub releases page.

Export Configurations

Export all your configurations to a JSON file, enabling easy sharing and management.

Join the Community

Contribute to the project by reporting bugs, suggesting features, or creating pull requests.